Shops, Restaurants, Museums ...

There are a number of things to do in and around Dundee from Battlefield sites to Game Viewing and from Museums to Gift & Decor Shops, there is something for everyone ... even the sporty members of the family can enjoy a round of golf, an hour or two fishing or a take a run through the farmlands and enjoy the fresh country air.

Talana Museum

A popular stop for anyone visiting Dundee. The museum comprises 17 buildings, dedicated to subjects as diverse as war and agriculture, mining, industry and domestic life. A quick visit will take approximately half a day. Visitors have been heard to say that a visit to Dundee is not the same without a visit to the Museum. In October/November each year, the Museum hosts the "Creations" exhibition which showcases local craft and art as well as Talana Live!, a weekend of fun, historical events and activities which is well worth attending.

Walk or Drive Dundee

A self-guided tour around Dundee with the help of an information pamphlet compiled by Dundee's Tourism Association. Some points of interest include: the Magistrates Court which is the only building in South Africa to bear the Royal Crest of Edward VII and the Cenotaph Memorial in remembrance of the men who served in World War I.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

There are a selection of restaurants and coffee shops in Dundee. The Royal Country Inn offers either an A la Carte or Buffet menu and one should call ahead to make a reservation as their opening hours are limited. Ingudlane Lodge offers a superb menu in the beautiful location of a game reserve only 3km from Dundee town. There are also the nationally known franchises of Wimpy and Spur where you can enjoy dinner. Alternatively a number of take-aways are available for those wishing to "grab a quick bite".


Dundee is host to a number of nationally known stores including Woolworths, Truworths, Clicks, Pick 'n Pay and Spar, to mention a few. There are a number of other unique decor and gift shops including Kraaines (Glencoe) which offers 18 rooms of beautiful Decor items and Finesse where one can find a number of gifts or floral items.

Game Drives

There are several game farms in the area offering game viewing opportunities. Located within 2km of Dundee town is Ingudlane Game Reserve where guests can enjoy a game drive with one of the lodge's experienced game guides followed by a delicious meal at their restaurant.

Slightly further away (40 minutes) is Nambiti Game Reserve which offers the opportunity to see the Big 5. Day trips are possible by prior arrangement.


With two courses within 15 minutes of Sneezewood Farm golfing enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf with ease. One course is located a mere 5 minutes from Sneezewood Farm in Dundee and the course is in the town of Glencoe (10-15 minutes).